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More ways I can support you outside of the therapy room

Part of my mission is to provide support in more ways than just offering therapy services. This year, I am committed to providing more support groups, in person and online workshops and attend more speaking engagements. I will be engaging in more volunteer work for schools and non-profit organizations who are supporting marginalized and underrepresented populations. 

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Support Groups

The first ever Latina Support Group in Washington State started earlier this year. Group members committed to attend 8 sessions of emotional and culturally connected topics in hopes of establishing a healthier connection to their culture, learn how to implement new skills to manage emotional stressors, and discuss the beauties and difficulties we, as Latinas, face on a day to day basis. 

A second Latina Support Group will start again later this year. Stay tuned!


Mental Health Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Starting: Sunday

April 28th

11am to 1:30pm

Online Event

Join this resourceful and emotionally informative workshop to give yourself the skills and awareness on establishing a healthier balance in entrepreneurship.

Learn how to prevent burnout, set necessary boundaries, identify self doubt and fear, and create more needed personal time for yourself and loved ones

Every participant will receive a custom made guidebook with worksheets to keep you prioritizing yourself.

*You don't need to currently own a business to join*


Speaking Engagements/Volunteer Work

I am available to provide mental health awareness and support to your school, organization, or company. I can offer single classes and workshops on topics pertaining to 

  • Stress Management

  • Understanding and managing emotions

  • Youth Mental Health

  • Breaking the stigma of mental health in your home, at work, and in schools

Contact me to discuss rates, scheduling, and collaborations. 

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